Friday, January 19, 2007

Hairdresser on Fire

music: T. Rex : Your Children were Fair and had Stars in their Hair

When I was young, my Mom would be the one in charge of cutting my hair. No, no cute layers or symmetrical bangs, no adorable haircuts for me; this was hard-core chopping. Mom would use a ruler as a reference, and make me sit on the bed while she combed my hair strands and tried to place it over the ends of my curls. Then she would follow the ruler’s line with her scissors until I had three inches less of dry, tangled up locks.

She would do the same thing to my sister too, but Diana had straight hair, so sometimes she could get away with looking halfway decent.For me that was almost impossible, because what was funny abut mom is that, up to this day, she cannot follow a straight line (she cannot even use a camera without taking pictures that turn out cut in half, or focusing on the wrong things) so the ruler would slightly drop in the process, without her noticing, and instead of a straight line, I would end up with a diagonal hair cut- sometimes almost a triangular one, or a square shaped style.
I think that’s why, up to this day I am still afraid of hairdressers.

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