Friday, January 19, 2007

Writing Group anyone?

(I got this e-mail today from this guy I know, and thought that, maybe, somebody else besides me could be interested in this online writing group...)

"Hello,I was in a creative writing workshop at Cooper Union with all of you people in the summer of 2005. That's how I have all of your email addresses. It's not my style to send unsolicited emails to people I don't really know, but I thought some of you might be interested in a website I just started. It's supposed to be something close to an online creative writing workshop. It seemed to me that all the fiction writing websites on the net were geared towards sharing work and not towards discussion, help and encouragement of work. The idea is to give a topic or assignment and allow people to post responses to that assignment. I figure the fact that every writer who posts is working within the same constraints will make everyone more interested in the techniques other people use to fulfill the requirements of the assignment. It will provoke more discussion and bring out more engaged critiques. Everything's free. There are no ads.The URL of the site is hope everyone is well and I apologize again about the unsolicited email. Max"

(Feel free to join!)

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