Saturday, July 28, 2007

On The Road ( Again)

This is just to say that my parents are driving up to NYC today, for their third move across the country. No, we are not fugitives, we are only gypsies.


Your process of searching reminds me of myself when I was about your age in university - a little younger in my case, since you got backlogged with the move to the U.S.

In any case, your searching struck a chord with me, and I like the way you relate the different philosophers you've come into contact with to your own personal life experience. I guess in the final analysis that's where there is no such thing as pure objectivity for human beings, since we're experiential beings who are, as the philosopher Miguel de Unamuno wrote, "hombres de carne y hueso."

All of this leads me to suggest that you should explore some the Spanish philosophers such as Miguel de Unamuno, or Ortega y Gasset of the Twentieth Century, and don't forget the Siglo de Oro religious writers such as Calderon de la Barca.

I"d write more but it's almost 6:00 A.M. and before long we're going to "hit the road" in the U-Haul, get the hell out of Beaufort, and get launched on this new adventure. I"m pretty optimistic about New York, but we're obviously going to miss being fairly close to you. Even if we didn't get to see each other that much, it was nice to know it was only a four hour car dirve away.

Luckily for New York, plane flights are fairly cheap if you book 14 days in advance. I also suggest that you get a United or other airline credit card which automatically gives you 25, 000 frequent flyer miles. Unfortunately you need a credit card - even though it is a "two edged sword", as you have seen in the case of the lives of Mom and I, so you might as well get the one with frequent flyer miles.

Well, I"ll close for now and hustle with the last minute packaging, cleaning and packing of the U-Haul.



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