Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why we like Queens, NYC

Because nobody’s native language around here is English.

Because we bang the walls with a broomstick three times when our neighbors are practicing drums too loudly, and they bang the walls five times back.

Because it is not that far away from Manhattan, but it is far away enough to avoid the mob of tourists.

Because the subway line starts in Flushing, so we always get a seat.

Because Asian guys with Mohawks actually look cool around here, really.

Because the Flushing public library has books in Chinese and Korean.

Because there are at least three centers in this neighborhood specialized in helping you “ Quit the Chinese Communist Party.”

Because Asian girls wearing hot pink tights and yellow skirts with their hair died in two colors actually look cool around here, really.

Because if we feel like walking down the street to get a beer and maybe some Indian food, and even some bubble tea at three am, there are plenty of stores open.

Because even though we find it annoying that the personal space policy is non existent over here, and everybody bumps into you like nothing down the streets, and the lady behind you at the supermarket is digging her elbow into your back because the guy behind her is pushing her, at least you never get cold in winter with so much body heat coming from everywhere.

Because if you get really bored, you can always stick your head out the window and look down from the third floor. I can assure you something will be going on within your field of view, hopefully not a crime or drug scene.

Because if we don’t feel like having to come back in the crowded subway, drunk after celebrating New Year’s in Times Square, we can always stay in the neighborhood spending our last moments of 2007 in a family owned Colombian restaurant, paying no more than eight dollars on a meal and actually having a nice time.

Because people are not as rude as they are thought to be in this city. Examples over heard on the streets:
“ Can you tell me how to get to the nearest Subway station, and to Fifth Avenue?”
“ Can you take a picture of me and my sister please, and can you hold my dog while we pose?”
“Do you know of any cheap hotels to stay in around this neighborhood, actually could we crash at your place?”

Because you don’t even have to go through the garbage to find a ceramic monkey playing the tuba, a coffee table, and a framed mirror disposed in the nearest street corner.

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