Saturday, June 5, 2010

Near my subway stop there is a little Greek stand. Here I get my falafel with rice for lunch, usually on weekdays when I get back from teaching. But today I got off the subway hungry from exploring flee markets and bookstores through Chelsea. Hungry from not wanting to spend one dime in Manhattan after I was charged two fifty for a bottle of water once, and actually bought it, and have had to redeem myself ever since. So I stopped by the greek stand to get my usual.
I'm transcribing the last part of my exchange with the guy who works there, because I thought it was pretty funny.

"Me: Don't put too much dressing on my falafel!

Falafel guy: Why? Is really good! You from Brazil aren't you?

Me: No, from Argentina.

Falafel guy: Oh, yes! You want more dressing then?

Me: No! It's going to make me fat.

Falafel guy: I like women fat. ( To this, he makes a round shape in the air with his hands as if it is the body of a "fat" woman I guess?)

Me: Ok, stop it with the dressing that's enough. Thanks!

Falafel guy: I tell you what.

Me: What.

Falafel guy: If you gain some weight, I'll give you my number."

Anyway, conclusion of the day: Wow.
But also: I really like this neighborhood.
* * *