Thursday, August 5, 2010

Free-Lance Ballerina

The New York Times published this article today...

which inspired my idea of becoming a Ballerina for hire.

I don't have time to do it professionally and am already committed to a teaching job and graduate school. But I am in the best shape of my life, have way too much energy for my own sake, can go on pointe, don't have a boyfriend (which gives me extra free time to concentrate on Ballet technique and go to auditions), live in New York City (the place where anything is possible) and need an extra job for the school year to compensate for other bills which need to get paid.
So I came up with the idea of being a free-lance ballerina!

What does a free-lance ballerina do? This is not related to stripping I promise. Free-Lance Ballerina goes to auditions for cheesy dancing roles, usually as an extra, or as a backup dancer with clothes on. If she gets hired, the job offers no benefits and lasts no more than one month, but offers experience in the dance world and a good amount of cash that goes into free-lance ballerina's rent and grocery budget.

For example, Radio City is conducting auditions next week for their annual Christmas Spectacular. And although I wouldn't show my legs in front of a crowd even if I got payed for it, I am willing to dress up as a bear and be part of the "little people performance crew" this Christmas. So I will attend my first audition next week. The role is as a bear dancer at the Radio City Hall Christmas Special this winter.

By the way, August is the best time for free-lance ballerinas because this is when they start recruiting people for all the cheesy Christmas musicals in this city. So if I get rejected as a bear dancer, don't you cry for me my readers, there will be more auditions to write about...

Cheers to this.