Friday, January 19, 2007

Tales of a File Clerk

Mood: cranky
music: Morrissey "Every day is like Sunday..."
(I wrote this last week at work)

“Here I am, another rainy Sunday in Charlotte, filing dozens of insurance documents under the fluorescent lights, inside a stuffy office at Allstate. A new year; the same dead end job. Life couldn’t get more exciting than this. School starts again on Monday and all the philosophy classes were full, so I had to sign up for the useless Core requirement classes I need to take before I graduate.

These classes include subjects like basic Math, basic Biology and basic Psychology, which are interesting, but completely irrelevant to the needs of my Philosophy major. Yes, I know that these are “real easy” classes, I also understand that I should NOT have ignored them and let them pile up until the end, and I couldn’t care less if they are fun or boring; The point is that they are of no interest to me, and they are a waste of my money and time. Not to mention that these are the classes in where I get to realize how old, boring and fat I am, just by sitting next to the mob of bouncy teenage girls that surround me, all wearing the same pink sweatpants with the word “juicy” printed on the back, and text messaging their frat-boyfriends in class.

A new year, and I am another semester away from doing what I really want to do; which is to stay away from that type of people. I am another semester away from being a writer, and from being somewhat of an intellectual, from understanding Adorno and the philosophers of the Frankfurt School, and even Hegel. Time is not on my side -meanwhile I’m taking required classes such as basic Math, basic Biology and basic Psychology which will not help me reach these goals; they will push me further away from them. It’s 2007 and the person I want to be, the person I should be, stands far away from the person I am right now.
Cheers to that. "

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